November 11, 2020

Dear Partners and Customers,

In an effort to support the current Black Lives Matter movement with a message of unity, we aired a commercial recently that Pepsi regrets. We missed the mark and have deeply hurt some of our customers and partners.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of Pepsi for our actions. We would never want to downplay such a serious issue, and we recognize how important these movements are. We have immediately taken down the commercial, and again deeply regret that it was aired in the first place.

The advertisement does not reflect on Pepsi’s values…


The problem: In 2017, the Adidas team sent a marketing email to participants of the Boston Marathon with the subject line, “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon this year!” The email was sent the day after the 2017 Boston Marathon, just four years after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. The bombings in 2013 killed at least three people and injured 264. Adidas immediately responded to the controversy by saying, “We are so incredibly sorry. Clearly, there was no thought given to the insensitive email subject line we sent Tuesday. We deeply apologize for our mistake.” Adidas, an athletic…

Nani Walker

Here are some of the biggest trends in public relations for the year 2019 and companies that are practicing them.

Taking a stance on issues that is organic to the company.

Although taking a stance on an issue will not guarantee success, an organization that speaks out on issues can be positively impacted by the audience’s support. Sprout Social created a survey known as “Championing Change in the Age of Social Media.” The study revealed almost two-thirds of consumers want companies to take a stand on social or political issues. Risk comes with the territory, but brand engagement…

Nani Walker

Michigan State University B.S. Advertising Management, minor in Public Relations expected 2021

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